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New identity = new chapter

SIGP has been writing its story for 15 years. Today we are an established and at the same time one of the largest software houses in Central Slovakia. Still with Slovak ownership, no investor. We have satisfied more than a hundred important clients with quality services and an individual approach, and we have delivered more than a hundred quality IT solutions. Especially the last few years have been progressive. Despite the pandemic, we have managed to grow very well over the last few years. One would say "successful company". But we feel differently. Yes, the last few years have been successful. At the same time, they were a harbinger of something bigger.

We have never felt such inner will and high potential as we do now. We have accepted ambitious goals, defined new values and strategies. We are going to do our best and under the new name we emphasize that we mean it. A new chapter has just begun.


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We chose from several options. From the shortlist of candidates, we chose CODERAMA, which allows us to express two basic ideas: CODE - coding, software development is what we do best, and RAMA - derived from the word panorama - we offer IT outsourcing, a panorama of capable development teams and technologies. The name CODERAMA also resembles the popular series Futurama, which is a good sign.

Coderama digital heroes


Tagline is to describe and underline the company as such, its character traits or characteristics. It should be legible, attractive and easy to remember. We are heroes to many of our customers. We help and save - we are heroes in the digital world. We are DIGITAL HEROES. Each of us wants to be a hero, right?


CODERAMA Digital Heroes

We are heroes who come, analyze, design and deliver a solution. In the assignment, our new logo evokes maturity, stability and bulletproofness. We wanted it to be pixel-like and technically savvy. The final version took several iterations, but the result is worth it.

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Logo versions

Coderama logo in color
Coderama logo in color
Coderama logo in color


The font in the new logo is customized and savvy. Note the letter "M". It is the only one with rounded edges. It's not a coincidence. "M" as Rounded Man expresses that in a world of zeros and units, we are still human. It is the people who make up our company and we develop software for the people.

Coderama logo in color

Graphic elements

Pixels, matrixes in various compositions, sizes and shapes.

Coderama items

Coderama logo in color

Business card

Coderama logo in color


Coderama logo in color

Office designation

Coderama logo in color

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