Come and take a look behind the scenes with SIGP. See for yourself that it is fun with us, but on the other hand that we can be serious, that we are looking forward to the success of every colleague and that we can really enjoy it. We guarantee that once you join us, you will not want to leave!

Life at SIGP

Quick news

Check out the hottest and most interesting news from the life of SIGP-ers and experience them with us!

Work & Travel

Sicily, Etna (2019)

In the summer of 2019, we decided to climb the highest volcano in Europe.

Offsprings at SIGP

Emka Kopecká

3.3.2021 at 23:58 little Emka was born not only to the Kopecký family but also to our SIGP family.

New gaming zone

Entertainment in all circumstances (2021)

We have decided that the year 2021 will be a turning point for SIGP.


Business Trip (2019)

In August 2019, we visited one of our long-term clients - Crif.


Individual approach, fairness and helpfulness

We don’t deal with unnecessary things. You’re like a friend we’ve known for a few years. So if there is something you want to solve, just come and talk, ask. Whether a new PC for the performance needed on your current project, or you have a friend, who would fit to our team. Even if you run out of coffee and you have a tip for a special one, which you like.

Option to rotate projects

Everyone has their own nature, skills and preferences. Some like to work with a lot of people on a project, others prefer to work alone. Some would stay in one industry area for 10 years, others like to gain experience from various industry areas in few years. If you need to switch, we can present you more options.

No unnecessary bureaucraccy

You simply don’t record exact “in and out” in SIGP. We don’t have unnecessary middle management here to bother you. Papers you sign with us are those you need legally and that’s it. You have time to focus on the code, not administration or protocols.

Flexible working hours & remote friendly

Whether you’re a lark or a night owl don’t fret! You can work during your preferred time when some of it is common and agreed with our client. What’s more, you can work from wherever you want. Especially if you feel comfortable and your work environment and morale allow you to have the needed work performance. It’s also good to mention, that our offices have 24 hour access.

Education bonus

May it be a conference or a course, coaching or mentoring - if you know about something which pushes you forward, we’re paying for it! We support our people in growth and everyone has 250€ budget each year for education purposes. Even to tame a cat, which walks on your keyboard and writes bugs in your code and spills coffee all over the place thinking it’s done a good job.

Technological growth

We act as a team. This friendly atmosphere really helps our people to share knowledge between themselves. Are you junior / medior and want to gain experience? No problem - your colleagues are just few letters on a keyboard away (or few steps between offices). Are you a senior and expert in one area, but you want to become an expert in another, which your colleague is good at? Get a coffee or a beer together and you’ll have tips and know-how first hand.

Teambuildings, company breakfasts and Work & Travel abroad

You won’t just code. You will experience everything with us. Climbing to the top of Etna in Italy? Enjoying the beach in Croatia? Of course. Classic weekend somewhere in the Slovak nature, where we play poker, sing with guitar or shout on players during world championship in hockey. You will race with us on go-karts, play volleyball, go hiking or cycling with us. We’ll have lunches and beers together, table soccer tournament too. Tell us what you like to do in free time and I’ll introduce you to at least 5 people in SIGP, with whom you’ll be definitely on the same wavelength.

Game room - Playstation with VR, table soccer, horizontal bar, darts

Whether you need to slow down or haven’t got enough energy, recharge and have fun (or sleep on a couch). Our offices are equipped with couches, things to clear your head like darts, horizontal bar, table soccer and the newest playstation with VR. The bigger the branch, the more fun there is.

Our story and values

The year was 2006, when a small family business was born under the northern mountains of Žilina. Everyone from our SIGP country is unique. People with different personalities, knowledge, talents, opinions and skills were connected to face everyday challenges as a team. Over the years of our journey, we have built synergy, which helps us create innovative solutions to solve challenging problems.


  • we talk about SIGP transparently, openly and take big decisions together
  • we treat everyone equally and fairly
  • you’re no number, we practise personal / individual approach to everyone


  • you’re accepted as a part of our family / crew
  • you can feel at home in SIGP (literally)
  • we stand together and help each other


  • your potential will be used to the maximum
  • you do what you enjoy doing, you’re good at it and you’re needed and valued
  • there is space for you to grow, make progress for yourself and the company as whole

So, are you ready to board?

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