Our first office was established in 2006 in city of Žilina. By combining LEAN management, agile development and high quality of our developers, we are built to fulfill demands of clients with the highest expectations. We provide complex software solutions and outsourcing of software development.


Years In Business


Team Members


Active projects



5 MIL €

IN 2020

Our Values


Efficiency and productivity are requirements for every successful company. We are aiming for maximalization of value using minimal amount of resources.

Flat structure of our company leads to automatization of company processes on the highest possible level. We have minds set to solve problems in many different ways which makes us ready to react on every situation and saves us a lot of time.


Arrival exactly at 7 o’clock with shirt and tie on? Only if you would want. In our team is friendly atmosphere and total transparency. We are not colleagues but friends. We meet daily inside and outside the work.

If you need to deal with something during the worktime or you just want to go hiking on fresh air, you can take vacation. Just have in mind that deadlines for our clients are our mantra and it is necessary to meet the deadlines.


Through the years of our journey despite challenges and obstacles we managed great success in developing innovative a effective software solutions for our clients. In recent years we are growing like never before and we are keeping with this trend. We are expanding thanks to many clever and experienced people. Our portfolio is getting stronger and our goal is long-term partnerships. Everybody grows with us.

Our Story


A Year of New Challenges

Despite the persisting pandemic situation, year 2021 is the key moment. Our management team is expanding by PR, Sales and Account manager and we are developing our own product. In addition to domestic market we are focusing on DACH region.

The New Opportunity Year

Pandemic situation and lot of changes. Even though we cancelled some of our planned projects, our company does not sleep. We approached new clients such as Monet+, PosAm, Interway, ČSOB, TELEKOM, TSS, SLSP, uniCORE and Aviloo so we can keep up the year-on-year growth on 20%, keeping the number of developers unchanged.


We’re Growing across Slovakia

During this period, the growth of our company increased in intensity massively. We hired more people in Sales and HR department and yearly turnover reached 4M € which resulted in opening new offices in Bratislava, Banská Bystrica and Martin. The number of developers increased to 85 by the end of the year.

Transformation from a Family Business

The management of the company ceases to be strictly family business which results in faster growth. In this year we expanded from 45 to 60 developers and assigned new colleagues to manage HR and sales to accomplish yearly turnover of 2,5M €.


A Million Company

The beginning of partnership with giants like Notino and Asseco was signal for us, that we accomplished great success in developing innovative and effective software solutions and quality of our work is acknowledged by the most demanding clients. In this year we nearly reached yearly turnover of 1,5M €.

Daniel Beke, CEO

When we brought new big clients (Škoda Auto, Notino, Megaubytovanie) to our portfolio, Daniel Beke participated on prosperity of the company as a CEO and CO-OWNER. Partnership with these clients still remains and grows even bigger.


We’re International

For company from Great Britain, we developed animation software, which enables to record movement of human body using hi-tech suit with sensors located on human joints. Recorded movement can be saved, projected in 3D and also edited if needed.

There’re Thirty of Us

By the end of the year 2014 our team contained over 30 people.


New Dynamic

Daniel Beke (current co-owner and second CEO) comes in as a developer with three other programmers. Team of high quality people is expanding by new team which makes company prosper and reaches yearly turnover of 500 000€.

Small Team/ High Performence

SIGP can serve wide project portfolio even though it contains 10 programmers.


Internal Information System (SIGP APPS)

System offers wide scale of functions to handle each phase of our projects including finance, HR, managing online profiles and also serves as a system for warehousing which is integrated with financial administration and e-cash register.

Hewlett & Packard

Our first big client was one of the most successful companies of 20. century Hewlett Packard. Due to satisfaction with our services and establishing good relations, our partnership is continuing to this day.


Birth of SIGP Company

We were established on the north of Slovakia as a family business by Matej Štafurik – SIGP was created.

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